What to do in case of a distance selling dispute?

Nowadays, online sales have become a truly international market. From ordering to delivery, the buyer is the master. We stay glued to our desks waiting for the ordered products. However, sometimes the wait is different from what was first indicated due to the order not arriving, the delivery time being exceeded, the goods ordered not being the right ones, or any other similar issue. What to do in this case?

In case the item ordered is not available

There are always disputes about distance selling on the Internet. To avoid any possible disagreement, it is necessary to check the quality and quantity of the goods, e.g. to announce that the offer is limited. But if the order has been placed, but the item is no longer available, it is advisable to inform the customer. Each website has general terms and conditions of sale. The seller must respect the guidelines that he or she has established when creating the site. If the item is unavailable, a refund and apology should be given. Alternative products can be offered, gifts can be given, and sincere apologies can be made. Bad publicity can lead to the loss of customers, the fault often lies with the seller.

Failure to meet delivery deadlines

It is important for any seller not to exceed the delivery deadline. The customer must ask about it, but the dealer must also specify it. If the deadline is not met, the progress of the delivery should be checked by calling online (the number should not be charged). If there is still a delay, you can write an e-mail demanding a reasonable delivery time. If not, the order can be cancelled and the refund period must be less than 14 days. Advice can be given on what to do in the event of late delivery

Encountering a problem with the product

Sometimes the delivered product may not be what you asked for and you should report the problem right away. If the fault lies with the shop, you must apologise, take back the wrong product and put back the requested product, all at the seller's expense. If this is not possible, the amount must be refunded within 30 days. If the customer does not like the product, he or she has 14 days to return the product, stating the reason, the return costs will be charged to the customer. Some products are not subject to the right of withdrawal. If the product does not work, you should know that the European Union has established a legal guarantee of conformity of at least 2 years from the date of delivery.
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