Tele-shopping: the pros and cons

Being a sales technique that takes place remotely, teleshopping is beginning to appeal to more and more people as buyers can place orders directly from the comfort of their homes, saving themselves a considerable amount of time. More and more consumers are embracing this new way of buying products and services, but the question remains; is it really a blessing?

The benefits of home shopping

The term "teleshopping" points to the television, which means that the TV screen plays an important role in the way sales are made. Indeed, it is enough to place an order by telephone, internet or mail after having seen a product placement made by sales professionals on TV. It is therefore easy to understand why this simplified approach would appeal to consumers, as shopping would become easier and no longer a chore. Moreover, this type of purchase is often very quick because it is done through a simple phone call or click. Thanks to a TV programme, the consumer can spot a product he or she likes, learn about its use and then simply make a phone call to order it, which all but reveals the convenience of this type of purchase.

The flaws of teleshopping

Since the main aim of teleshopping is to sell the product or service, the presenter will undoubtedly stick to praising it, even if it means not mentioning the defects, which may cause problems for the consumer when receiving and using it. Moreover, the customer is not in direct contact with the product, which can be a disadvantage if the latter does not meet the expectations. Moreover, no advice can be sought from the seller, as the latter is not physically available. Eventually, the buyer will have no guarantee that he or she has made the right choice since he or she will not have the opportunity to visually check the sold item before purchase.

Existing consumer protections

Thankfully, certain steps have been taken towards ensuring the minimum level of protection for the customer when it comes to teleshopping. This can range from a simple right of withdrawal to the possibility of a refund. Although these guarantees may have certain significance when it comes to reassuring the customer, it is clear that it is still wise to check the product to be purchased before paying for it, so as not to encounter any problems later.
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