How to update your product information instantly?

Product information management software or PIM assists in the planning and organisation of all items that correspond to references, articles or products. They allow the management of these items and the simultaneous updating of product information. All the data relating to a company's products can thus be updated, evaluated and centralised using PIM software. This can include measurements, prices, images, technical data, etc. The user experience on any sales channel can even be standardised by PIM tools.

Features of PIM software

Product Information Management software is a data-driven technology platform that enables the gathering of all information relating to the products offered by a company. This data can be user, technical, media or marketing information. In most cases, product information and data come from any database, flat file or ERP system. PIM allows all this data to be centralised in a single database after it has been collected. It also makes it possible to translate, classify, correct and update all the information in this database. It's worth mentioning that a PIM tool from Goaland makes it possible to update product information simultaneously. 

Using PIM software to instantly update product information

To update product information instantly, you will need to use PIM software. The tool also has other functionalities such as collecting information from different sources, centralising data in a single database, managing metadata, categories, terminologies, etc. PIM software can also be used to convey product information to retail and even goes beyond enriching information.

Which PIM software to choose?

There are many PIM software packages on the market. One of the criteria to consider when choosing the right type for you is obviously the price. Also, you should know that some classes have features that others do not; but the one you choose should be suited to fully managing assets and creating multiple repositories and be both user-friendly and compatible with any marketing channel. A good PIM software should be designed to synchronise with CMS, ERP or CRM. By the way, you can choose between open source and paid software.
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