The 5 qualities needed to be a sales manager

It is essential for a company to have staff to enable it to defend its proposition to potential customers. A good sales manager needs to master a combination of skills such as know-how, communication skills and interpersonal skills. In addition, a good sales manager must possess five qualities that are necessary to guide the company in achieving its goals. The present article tells us more about this topic.

The qualities required in a sales manager

The first quality to possess to become a sales manager is leadership. A sales manager must be a leader. It is this quality that gives him the ability to gather his sales team around a project to achieve success. The second quality is adaptability. A good sales manager must also be able to constantly adapt to all changes in the environment while pressing the right pedals to move his team forward. He must be able to be familiar with the field and at the same time grasp the height. Enthusiasm is also an essential quality to be a good sales manager. And he must transmit his enthusiasm to his entire team. Another important factor for a sales manager is the ability to negotiate. And finally, a good sales manager must also be highly organised, autonomous and reliable.

The main duties of a sales manager

A sales manager is responsible for leading, directing and supervising his team. He has to check that the area given to each person is well covered. He also monitors the sales figures, organises the work of his troops, advises them and travels with them to the customers. The recruitment and training of his team is also part of his mission. The objective of a sales manager is to increase the turnover in his area. He must therefore manage his team well to achieve this objective. To do this, he must alert them to the competition and help them discover all the products offered by the company.

The training needed to become a sales manager

There is no such thing as a "sales manager" training course; you just have to follow sales training courses. However, you need at least a two-year degree to be able to do this job. Several BTS and DUT degrees can prepare you very well for management and sales jobs. Recruitment is based on a portfolio and it is better to work in the field to gain experience before applying for a job as a sales manager. Business and management schools offer management courses that often last three to five years, preparing you to become a good sales manager.
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