Distance Selling

How to improve your product information quality?

Times have changed significantly over the last 10 years, consumer habits have also been transformed a lot and potential customers have become more demanding and are looking for the right information produced at the right time. It has therefore become…

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Tele-shopping: the pros and cons

Being a sales technique that takes place remotely, teleshopping is beginning to appeal to more and more people as buyers can place orders directly from the comfort of their homes, saving themselves a considerable amount of time. More and more…

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The fundamentals of the distance selling legislation

Do you want to start distance selling? You should first know that the customers who buy from your website are protected by special legislation. If you want your online sales activities to comply with the latter, you need to get…

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What to do in case of a distance selling dispute?

Nowadays, online sales have become a truly international market. From ordering to delivery, the buyer is the master. We stay glued to our desks waiting for the ordered products. However, sometimes the wait is different from what was first indicated…

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