What are the main features of PIM?

Taking into account all the information challenges generated is crucial to remain competitive. Over 98% of consumers are afraid to conclude a purchase if all product information is incomplete or incorrect. To effectively address these challenges, many companies are using PIM or product information management software. PIM, if well chosen, can be an excellent ally when it comes to sales and marketing strategies. Picking the right software is indeed a real challenge as we are talking about a dynamic and growing market. To pick the best PIM solution, careful analysis is required, and it is important to compare the solutions available to you.

Modelling and specification

Generally speaking, each company has characteristics that include data organisation, management methods, technical and financial requirements. Planning workflows and structuring product specifications can quickly become very complex, as can the management of suppliers, ranges, brands, collections, customers and distributors. To achieve better governance of the things just mentioned, a fully configurable PIM solution is required, including the free structuring of product data and all related information, the customisation of management screens and the arrangement of rights and functions. Well-configured PIM software can manage product indexes as per the company's requirements and model different levels of information. Fortunately, you can easily find the best software solutions at goaland.com.

Monitoring and administration of translations

PIM should offer better visibility when it comes to the progress of each product page. To this end, it provides the "completeness" study function, which analyses the correct filling in of the various pieces of information. In theory, a PIM solution helps manage different integrity rules associated with various distribution channels to check the quality of the information notified. This allows the user to complete or correct incomplete or incorrect functionality quickly and efficiently. In addition, translation management capabilities are essential to properly manage a multilingual environment. Indeed, they optimise the method of translation of all content with methods like monopolisation of translation projects, multilingual integrity control and management of translation information.

Workflow and rights

Workflow and validation capabilities are at the heart of the choice of PIM software. They can significantly improve the quality of the information produced. In a company, many contributors can be involved in the enrichment of product information. These can be brands, customers or websites. To ensure efficient collaboration between them, monitoring and acceptance features are needed to order the work between various contributors. A powerful workflow system helps to structure their rights and tasks. In that respect, PIM should be the core of the firm's information system and thus must be designed so as to interfere efficiently with other devices.
PIM: what is it and what is it for?

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