How to choose a training course in b2b sales prospecting

If your salespeople happen to send e-mails, pick up the phone and work hard every day to win new deals, but nothing seems to happen, your lead pipeline might still be too thin. These are signs that your prospecting team may need sales prospecting training. Find out how to choose the right b2b sales prospecting training.

The importance of B2B sales prospecting training

Do you often wonder whether your team needs commercial prospecting training? Know first that if you offer such a training programme to your sales staff, your company can benefit from some of the advantages we will discuss shortly... Your team needs this kind of training if you want your industry to generate more sales. By increasing the number of leads in your sales funnel and the effectiveness of the lead stage, your business will naturally generate more additional sales at the end of the period.  Sales prospecting training can help you better understand your company's performance by involving your sales force in a structured process. In addition, teams need to be well organised. Aren't all salespeople equally effective on different types of leads? Providing your salespeople with prospecting training allows you to identify their weaknesses and strengths and overhaul the whole unit towards an ideal result. Are your agents not familiar with handling the main lead generation tools? There are currently too many tools to generate leads efficiently: classic lead files, CRM, messaging tools, social selling, and telephone follow-ups. Salespeople tend to have them easily, but few teams use them to their full potential. For more information, please visit this page

Training for telephone prospecting

Far from being the old-fashioned prospecting technique, cold calling is still a way of acquiring new customers in many sectors and is always part of a good sales policy.  However, this flagship method of prospecting technology can be complex for your team. Indeed, in many business areas, breaking through the barriers of prospecting can be tough, and overcoming complaints through this contact channel seems difficult.  In a nutshell, here's why cold calling training can help your salespeople: first, it aids them to prepare their calls to present compelling arguments and pitch for your solution. Secondly, it helps to determine a good time to call prospects based on the stage of maturity of your offer and their communication habits. Also, it allows you to find the right stance to build the best customer relationship from the first contact with a potential customer. And finally, thanks to this type of training, your teams can better manage appointments for more in-depth face-to-face interviews, which will enable you to gather more information about prospects.

Social Selling training

The truth is, if you are in a b2b business, you cannot do without a social network as a lead generation tool in your sales strategy. Social selling is a new way to find potential customers and maintain good business relationships before and after the sale. It lies at the crossroads of marketing and sales. This sales technique also requires your team to master new digital devices that are not always inspiring for every member. The right social selling training can help you reach new customers, but only the right ones! It's about developing a tailor-made prospecting method; identifying your prospects and making them qualify for one stage or another. B2B training also enables the development of a solid social selling action plan, the objective of each salesperson being to conduct sales talks through strong value-added communication on social networks. In the same vein, you can align your marketing and sales strategies by teaching your team to fully master the professional codes of social networks, from business intelligence to customer relationship management. And finally, it allows you to build a good team image: on a specialist social network, your team members must be seen as a trustworthy source of information with a shared and communicative stance, and not as a direct sales pitch.

Training for large account prospecting

Do you have a large percentage of big clients in your customer portfolio? If the answer is yes, note that you can't do without specific sales prospecting training for large accounts, mainly because B2B sales operations with such companies are tricky. As a matter of fact, salespeople have to withstand long sales cycles, involving several different players and decision-makers, and usually leading to difficult commercial negotiation periods. So a good business development training course specific to key accounts should be embraced to help you target the companies you want to get in touch with and the channels through which you can reach them: mailing, social selling, telemarketing, inbound marketing, etc.  B2B prospecting training also helps you shorten the sales cycle and accurately identify the commercial actions and key players of a sale to convince potential customers. Thanks to the right tracking tools, you can enjoy great success in your prospecting journey from start to finish, no matter how long it takes.
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