Tips and advice for a successful relocation

To move to a new house so hastily is a nightmare for many people, but to simplify the task, there are a few simple steps to follow.  Making things easier depends on how organised you are in the days before and during the move. But what steps should you take in order to organise your move properly?

Finding boxes and choosing the right day

First of all, it is essential to start packing several days before the move. The first thing to do is to find boxes to pack things in. You can find boxes at supermarkets. You can also ask them to keep some boxes for a few days. Try to arrange for boxes at least 3 days before the move. It is important to be prepared several days before the day of the move. Why not start packing 10 days or a week before the move? This way you can move the boxes into your new flat step by step. On the other hand, avoid moving during a busy period. In Europe, moving periods are between May and September. (During this period, moving prices may be up to 40% higher. If possible, avoid this period to save your budget. It is possible to call a professional moving company in the West). Rates also increase at weekends. Ideally, the move should be done during the week. If you don't mind, ask for 3 or 4 days off in order to organise your move properly. 

Call your friends and hire a truck or van

In off-peak periods, the rates of professional movers are very high. It is possible to forget about this. With your friends, you can do a lot of work. You can be sure of getting a helping hand. However, you have to convince them to come. For example, on the day of the move you can organise a lunch together or an evening to convince them to come. Once all your friends are there, all you have to do is call a truck or van. If one of your friends has a truck, it will cost you less to ask for a service. Secondly, there are online platforms that offer some alternatives. It is possible to save your time and money with this method. One mover explains that sometimes trucks are not available at weekends. This delays your move. You should book a truck at least 2 weeks or 1 week before the move. It is ideal to hire a truck from a company on Friday afternoon, for example. This way you can also return it at the beginning of the week. Some people book the truck 30 days before the move. This is a sign of vigilance. 

Getting organised and doing an assembly line

Before departure, everything must be put in order. You need to be well organised. Once you have filled the boxes, take your time. It is essential that you do not prepare the boxes afterwards. Arrange your belongings in categories. Then write "fragile" on the boxes containing glasses and plates. One box is specialised for glasses and the other specialised for cloths as an example. For books, you can find specific boxes at the bookshop. In addition, it is advisable not to overfill the bottom of the box. This makes it easier to lift the box and reduces hazards. Sometimes it is necessary to cut the boxes if they are too big or too wide. The aim is to get the layout right in advance. You have to be well organised to achieve this goal. But this is not enough; you have to make the most of the assembly line work. This is an old-fashioned method, but it is very effective in saving time and energy. Moving is not a simple task at all. That's why movers need a lot of help. But you don't get tired of working in a chain. To save your energy, take breaks at least every 30 minutes. 

Getting rid of unnecessary items

Moving to a new house is an opportunity to throw away all the unnecessary papers in your home. It is also an opportunity to put away administrative papers. It is also a good idea to call in a cleaning service. This service is provided free of charge. The collection of your unwanted belongings from your home is also free of charge. You can contact them via e-mail or the Internet. In addition, there are online organisations that can help movers to get rid of their unwanted stuff. Currently, it is also possible to sell your belongings on websites. Then you can advertise on the website or on social networks.
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