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How do you create memorable
product experiences?

Today’s customers expect a product experience that touches them emotionally when they look at your product information. This is a must. Their expectations are high and you need to meet them. Your customers expect an exceptional experience at every touch point. So your brand message must be both consistent and tailored to each channel.

At Goaland they look at the benefits of implementing a well thought out Product Experience Management (PXM) solution in your company and how to convince your management.

create memorable product experiences

Cash sale

Cash sale consists of buying a product or service and paying the full price immediately after the said purchase.

Sale on credit

In a nutshell, it consists of buying a product with immediate delivery while the payment is made at a later date.

Online sales

Here, we talk about e-commerce services involving the sale on a website and the delivery of the product to your home.

Distance selling

It is a sales technique where there is no need to go to the shop and where no direct meeting between buyers and sellers takes place.

Sending a package internationally has never been easier!

Sending a package to a foreign country could quickly become a breeze, provided you choose the carrier that meets your needs in terms of packaging requirements, delivery times and more. Use an independent and reliable comparison website to check out different offers so you can pay reasonable prices for the best services.

Is there still such a thing as the art of selling?

The SPIN selling method

This selling technique is based on four key aspects; the situation, the problem, the degree of involvement and the potential gain, in a bid to maximise the chances of making the sale.

The CAB method

The CAB method is based on three key elements; the characteristics of your product, the advantages it offers and the benefits for prospects.

The SIMAC method

This is a technique that helps you achieve decent sales performance in five stages: the situation, the idea, the mechanism, the benefit and the conclusion.

art of selling
art of selling
art of selling

The after-sales service: the best means of ensuring complete customer satisfaction

The after-sales service is a key component of customer assistance because it has a direct impact on loyalty. It is not enough to sell good products; you must also ensure that you provide services that your clients appreciate. The quality of your after-sales service and the professionalism of its department managers have a direct impact on your brand image.

Installation service

Hire a team of qualified technical experts who are willing to go to the customer's place to install the product in question.

Sales agreement

The sales agreement should contain the price of the product and the legal guarantees of conformity as well as the invoices.

Product delivery

On-time delivery to the customer's home or office and a pledge that the product will arrive in the best condition are required for a smooth transaction.

Customer complaints

Listening to customers and accepting all their complaints or observations are the keys to a successful online business.

Maintenance and repair

Providing maintenance and repair work whether it is a warranty intervention (free of charge) or a non-warranty one (chargeable).

Commercial warranty

The commercial warranty allows you to get a refund, benefit from free repair work or exchange the purchased product in case of failure of the latter.

Integrated labels and shipping solutions


This is an efficient home-made method of creating shipping labels for your packages automatically that will spare you the trouble of making them manually by copying and pasting your customers’ addresses into the software. It is indeed possible to create shipping labels for all your orders in a few clicks and avoid wasting your time on tasks that have no added value.


This is a means of outsourcing your company’s logistics while keeping its internal stock unaffected. The process requires you to program a collection for the orders to be processed via the used software and have a courier pick up the parcels and take care of the packaging and shipping.


Logistics platforms are useful for storing your goods and processing your orders and act as means of connecting directly to your software with the purpose of processing orders and sending alerts via shipping confirmation emails and messages to your customers.

Social Selling in the digital age

The art of Social Selling

Making the most of what social networks can offer
Commercial prospecting in the digital era

Getting in touch with a prospect is a key moment in the sales process, hence the need for you to know how to pick up signals online and personalise your message and offer by enhancing your brand image. To do so, you need to implement these 4 important steps: presence, strategic intelligence, demonstrating added value and expanding your network.